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Give today to make life better for children with special needs!

your gift allows us to continue operating our FREE pediatric equipment and supply closet, online support group, and family events throughout the year.

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We are fundraising to make life better for children in our region affected by disability.

Our mission at Reagan's Journey is to make life better for children with special needs. We do that by operating a FREE pediatric equipment and medical supply closet, hosting annual family events that foster relationships, and offering an online support group. These three things work together to create a special needs community and it is thriving with your help.

Parents will say that they long to be around other parents and caregivers who "get it." They want to be surrounded by others traveling a similar road so they are deeply understood.

This organization was born out of a parent's desire to have access to equipment, resources, and families that were unique like theirs. Reagan is the daughter of Kim & Fred Neal and is now a teenager and thriving thanks to her family, community, and caregivers. It's their hope that her journey will not only help others in similar situations, but also inspire them to create something equally as impactful.

We receive calls and messages from therapists and nurses in the Pittsburgh region every day and that is a testament to how essential our Reagan's Journey Closet is. Families will wait an average of 6 months to receive a specialized piece of equipment to help their child reach their potential. This is where we come in...we likely have equipment that children need and it's offered for FREE. We don't require anyone to show proof of need or fall into an income guideline. We also have been able to stand in the gap when specialized nutrition is unavailable or discontinued and also when medical supplies are not able to be accessed due to insurance gaps.

Our Reagan's Journey Closet is able to send out over $500,000 in equipment and supplies annually. The need is very real!!

If you love what we do, your financial gift will enable us to engage with and provide for more families in our region and beyond. A monthly gift is our favorite kind of gift as it enables us to plan for the future knowing those funds are secured for programming. If you're unable to commit to a monthly gift, a one-time gift is such a blessing. If giving online is just not for you right now, we understand and would be happy to receive a check in the mail. You can direct a gift via check to... Reagan's Journey, 405 Freeport Rd. Freeport, PA 16229

We appreciate any way that we can work together to make life better for children with special needs!!